Lifestyle Products

Lifestyle Products

JustGreen™ Lifestyle Products

Family Membership
Metropolitan Membership
Amount of Carbon Offset 26,488 lbs. 13,224 lbs.
Equal To Offsetting 1400 sq. ft. home’s:

  • - electricity
  • - waste
  • - heating
  • - weekday commutes
700 sq. ft. home’s:

  • - electricity
  • - waste
  • - heating
  • - weekday commutes
What Else You’ll Receive
Lifestyle SavingsGift cards and bonus offers available. Click here for full list. $50 $30
Annual GiftGift cards from your favourite retailers. Click here for full list. $25 $25
Donation to Charity
Welcome Kit
  • Lunch Bag
  • Just Greened My Device decals
  • Smart Gloves*
  • Beach Tote Bag*
  • Organic Colourable Kids T-shirt*
  • Car window decal
  • Just Greened My Device decals
  • Car window decal
Justgreen Lifestyle Journal
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* Available in select markets

Buying carbon offsets counterbalances your environmental impact by funding projects that reduce emissions, or that provide energy from renewable sources. They reduce the amount of carbon in the air, and by supporting them, you can offset your carbon emissions.

JustGreen Lifestyle has simple options to help you go carbon neutral. We offer three carbon offset programs to fit different lifestyles.  Offset your monthly carbon footprint – with just a few clicks!

As a JustGreen Lifestyle Member you will also benefit from:

Extensive experience and expertise – Our North American presence makes us one of the few energy suppliers in the industry with the caliber, scope and depth of experience and expertise to serve close to 2 million customers across North America.

Peace of Mind – As a leader in the industry, you can rest easy knowing that you have chosen an established supplier able to meet your long and short-term sustainable energy needs.

Flexible Products – Unlike other green energy options, with JustGreen community, you can choose the projects you would like to support and your level of participation.

Quality Projects – The projects we invest in meet the highest industry standards. Click here to learn about our standards and certifications.

Competitive Pricing – Our wholesale buying power, expert industry experience and strong supplier relations ensures that we are able to offer competitive prices.