Local Projects

Local Projects

Generating energy from renewable sources is a cleaner, safer alternative than using traditional energy sources like coal.

To assist in the carbon offsetting process, JustGreen Lifestyle provides the unique opportunity to our annual members to choose which local green projects they want to support. We ensure that the renewable energy and emission reduction projects meet the highest quality industry standards.

Simply use the map to navigate through the projects nearest you and choose which project is most relevant and meaningful to you to help offset your carbon emission footprint.


St. Joseph Wind Farm

Construction is complete on a 138 MW wind farm at St. Joseph, in southern Manitoba, following the successful negotiation of a 27-year power purchase agreement between Manitoba Hydro and Pattern Energy. The first group of turb... Read More

Address: St. Joseph Manitoba

Type: Alternative

Steel Winds I

Steel Winds I sits on the shores Lake Erie, atop a brownfield left behind by an abandoned steel mill. The eight 2.5 MW wind turbines in Lackawanna, NY generate up to 30 million kilowatt hours of electricity each year - enough... Read More

Address: Lackawanna New York US

Type: Wind

Maple Ridge Wind

Maple Ridge Wind Farm prevents the annual emission of approximately 450,000 tons of carbon dioxide, a contributor to climate change; over 1 million tons of nitrogen oxide, which causes smog; and more than 3.4 tons of sulfur d... Read More

Address: Lowville New York US

Type: Wind

St. Leon Wind Farm

St. Leon Wind Energy is a 99 MW wind farm located approximately 150 kilometres southwest of Winnipeg in the town of St. Leon Manitoba. It is the first of its kind in the Province of Manitoba and one of the largest wind energy... Read More

Address: St. Leon Manitoba

Type: Wind

Pickering Wind

Power comes from a Vestas 1.8 megawatt wind turbine located on Ontario Power Generation’s Pickering Nuclear site. It was the largest wind turbine in North America at that time and a prototype for North American conditions.... Read More

Address: Pickering Ontario

Type: Wind

Locust Ridge Wind

The Locust Ridge Wind Power Projects encompass two distinct wind farms: Locust Ridge I and Locust Ridge II. The string of 64 total modern wind turbines stretches along a ridge in eastern central Pennsylvania on a mix of priva... Read More

Address: Mahanoy City Pennsylvania

Type: Wind

Central Sanitary Landfill

The Central Sanitary Landfill is located in Pierson, Michigan. The total landfill footprint is 115.9 acres with aproximately 55.7 acres currently being used. The landfill has a gas collection and control system in place over ... Read More

Address: Climate Action Reserve Landfill Project Reporting Protocol Version 2.1  Pierson Michigan US

Type: Emissions

Erie County Landfill

The ECL is a class I municipal sanitary waste landfill located along Hoover Road in Milan, Erie County, Ohio. The landfill began operation in 1986. The site includes a permitted disposal area of 60.63 acres on a 116 acre parc... Read More

Address: Climate Action Reserve Landfill Project Protocol Version 3.0 Milan Ohio US

Type: Emissions

Meadow Branch Landfill

The Meadow Branch Landfill is a Class I municipal sanitary waste landfill. It is located in McMinn County, Tennessee, approximately seven miles west of Athens, Tennessee. The landfill is located on approximately 215 acres. In... Read More

Address: Climate Action Reserve Landfill Project Reporting Protocol Version 2.1  Athens Tennessee US

Type: Emissions

Beulah Municipal Landfill

The “New Beulah Landfill Gas Collection and Control Project” is a small project located near Hurlock in Dorchester County, Maryland. The project benefits climate change strategies by reducing the amount of greenhouse gase... Read More

Address: Climate Action Reserve Landfill Project Protocol Version 3.0 Hurlock Massachusetts US

Type: Emissions

Nitric Acid Plant I

The Project is a Girdler Nitric Acid Plant (NAP 1) located at a facility in East Dubuque, Illinois. NAP1 was commissioned in 1978. Plant specifications include a nameplate nitric acid production capacity of 220 short tons per... Read More

Address: CAR Nitric Acid Production Project Protocol Version 2.0 East Dubuque Illinois US

Type: Emissions

DANC Landfill Gas Destruction Project

In October 2008, the landfill gas-to-energy power plant began producing electricity from the methane gas created by the waste in the landfill. The project, developed in partnership with privately ownednInnovative Energy Syste... Read More

Address: Landfill Project Protocol, Version 3.0 Rodman New York US

Type: Emissions

East Landfill

The East Landfill Gas Recovery and Utilization Project is located at the Niagara Waste System Landfill. The landfill gas (LFG) end-user, Abitibi Bowater Paper Mill (the Mill), is located approximately 5km away in Thorold, Ont... Read More

Address: ISO 14064-3 Niagara Falls Ontario

Type: Emissions

Corinth Abandoned Mine Methane Recovery Project

The Abandoned Mine Methane Recovery Project processes methane collected from abandoned coal mines for injection into a natural gas pipeline. By collecting and destroying methane gas via pipeline injection, the project signifi... Read More

Address: Voluntary Carbon Standard 2007.1 Corinth Illinois

Type: Emissions

Prorec Inc. Renewable Food Waste Management Project

The company Prorec Inc. converts organic residues in quality food intended for animals. In absence of the project activity, the waste would have been discarded in landfills where they would undergo anaerobic (ie.e, in the ab... Read More

Address: UNFCCC (2010)-CDM II.E version 10 St. Hyacinthe Quebec

Type: Emissions

Cambria 33

The Cambria 33 project consists of capturing methane gas that was being emitted into the atmosphere due to safety considerations at the retired “B” seam of coal in the Cambria 33 mine, which underlies 8,000 acres of prope... Read More

Address: Ebensburg Pennsylvania

Type: Emissions

Scenic View Dairy I Project

Scenic View Dairy I is the first digester project in the state of Michigan and the first digester project in the US to generate both electricity and pipeline grade natural gas. The project benefits climate change strategies b... Read More

Address: CAR Verification Program Manual, version 2.0 Fennville Michigan

Type: Emissions

JB Hunt Intermodal Transportation Project

Intermodal freight transport utilizes the most efficient aspects of truck and rail modes. J.B. Hunt is the largest domestic intermodal service provider, and continues to gain market share and lead the conversion of highway sh... Read More

Address: ISO 14064-2, Blue Source's Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Protocol for JB Hunt’s Intermodal Transport Project, December 2008 Tallahassee Florida US

Type: Emissions

Clinton County Landfill Methane Destruction Project

As the first-ever carbon offset project approved by the EPA Climate Leaders Program, the project consists of a landfill methane collection and destruction system. The project covers nearly 70 acres and handles approximately 1... Read More

Address: Climate Action Reserve Landfill Project Protocol, Version 2.1, October 2009 Morrisonville New York US

Type: Emissions

Essex-Windsor Landfill

The Essex-Windsor Regional Landfill Gas Capture and Destruction Project is a facility designed for the collection and flaring of landfill gas (LFG) originating at the Essex-Windsor Regional Landfill. nnLandfill gas is collect... Read More

Address: ISO 14064-3 Amherstburg Ontario

Type: Emissions

Terra Grain

The Terra Grain Fuels Ethanol Production Project is a biofuel production facility located in the Rural Municipality of Pense No. 160, near Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan. The Project reduces GHG emissions through the production o... Read More

Address: ISO-14064 Part 2 Belle Plaine Saskatchewan

Type: Other

Covanta Haverhill

The facility processes 1,650 tons-per-day of solid waste, generating up to 48 megawatts of renewable energy that is sold to an energy wholesaler for use on New England's power grid. Non-hazardous municipal and commercial soli... Read More

Address: Haverhill Massachusetts US

Type: Other

Dunford Generating Station

Commissioned in April 2003, the project’s headworks consist of twin steel penstocks, a gated intake structure, power canal and a 14 metre high, five bay spillway structure. The 45 MW Dunford generating station is Brookfield... Read More

Address: Wawa Ontario

Type: Hydro

Franklin Falls Dam

Franklin Falls is located on the Salmon North River, New York and is owned by Erie Boulevard Hydropower LP. Its capacity is approximately 5 MW.... Read More

Address: Franklin New Hampshire US

Type: Hydro

Gainesville Solar

The Gainesville Regional Utility (GRU) has a program that allows its customers to install solar panels on their homes and to use that power either to power their homes or to feed into the electrical grid. The GRU has also bui... Read More

Address: Gainesville Florida US

Type: Solar