Nitric Acid Plant I

CAR Nitric Acid Production Project Protocol Version 2.0 East Dubuque Illinois US

Energy Type:

Climate Action Reserve

2012-01-01 to 2016-12-31

Project Description

The Project is a Girdler Nitric Acid Plant (NAP 1) located at a facility in East Dubuque, Illinois. NAP1 was commissioned in 1978. Plant specifications include a nameplate nitric acid production capacity of 220 short tons per day, a typical gauze campaign length of 120 days, operational 330 days per year, oxidation pressure of 120 psig, and a flue gas temperature of approximately 1000 to 1100 F. Project owners have retained ClimeCo America Corporation to engineer the fit-up of the CRI Catalyst N2O tertiary system and oversee all aspects of the CAR process. The CRI teriary catalyst is designed to oxidize 95% or greater of the inlet N2O concentration. The N2O catalyst will be installed downstream of the Ammonia Oxidation Reactor (AOR) and upstream of the tail gas expander. The installation will include a new N2O analyzer designed by EcoChem. The new CEM will be located upstream of the tertiary catalyst. Project owners have already installed and performed a RATA on the N2O analyzer and mass flow meter for the downstream location. The start-up of the system occurred on or before July 1, 2011.nn